About Sea Urchin Charters

The Boat – The name Sea Urchin has been synonymous with top quality boat fishing
in Whitby for many years. Mick Leonard’s original “Sea Urchin” built a reputation and boat
fishing legacy of the highest order.
When Mick retired in 2010, Pete Rose started the next chapter with the sturdy and very “orange” Sea Urchin II.
Not one to rest on his laurels, Pete continued to build and further enhanced the heritage when he launched Sea Urchin III;
Whitby’s only Pro Charter P4 charter boat.

Launched, brand new in 2016, Sea Urchin III has been a huge step forward. Fitted with the
latest electronics and a powerful Perkins MC300 engine, she can get out to the wrecks fast
and outrun the bad weather to get us back in.
Sea Urchin Charter Boat FishingOnboard there is a sheltered area to get out of the weather, plus a flushing toilet to keep things comfortable. The deck space is huge
giving everyone ample room to fish. A central area to store tackle boxes and bags, plus bait cutting areas front and rear, keep the deck space tidy.
Each angler has a dedicated fish box which is stored in a bespoke drawer system. No more lifting boxes or having them fly
around in bad weather. Built for comfort, stability and speed, Sea Urchin III has it all!
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The Skipper – A fully qualified Yachtmaster Offshore, Andy Savage has been fishing from
Whitby for the last twenty years and knows all the elements required for a great day at sea.
As an angling coach he has the knowledge and patience to be able to advise and guide all
levels of ability, to get the best from their trip. Having been fishing and working with Pete
Rose for some time, when the opportunity to take over the running of Sea Urchin came
along, it was the fulfilment of his dreams. With Pete having shared all the special little spots
that he kept tucked away, rest assured, your days aboard Sea Urchin III will always be