About Sea Urchin Charters

Sea Urchin is a name with a fine Whitby boat fishing legacy.
From Mick Leonard’s original Sea Urchin to the sturdy and reliable Sea Urchin II which was purchased from Mick by Pete Rose a few years ago, the same is synonymous with quality fishing from Yorkshire’s premier angling port.
Whitby Charter Boat Fishing
Sea Urchin III is the next chapter in the Sea Urchin story.
A Pro Charter P4, it is truly a charter boat for 2016!
Sea Urchin Charter Boat FishingFitted with the latest electrics, she has the power, speed and technology to get you out and onto the fish in as little time as possible!
Modern, fast, comfortable and above all safe, she is 11.7m long, giving exceptional deck space, even when carrying a full party. Numbered and secured fish boxes add organisation to this space meaning you’ll not have boxes or buckets under your feet at all.
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Her Perkins MC300 engine gives power when we need it, letting us get out to the marks fast and get out of any bad weather quickly too.
Should we be out in rain or cold weather she has a sheltered seating area that gives our anglers to grab a bit of shelter and have a chat with their fellow fishermen.
For even further anglers comfort there is a flushing toilet and running water – this is one boat that makes the anglers life as easy as possible!
Skipper Pete Rose is both a seasoned skipper and enthusiastic angler. This combination has seen Pete guide his anglers to some exceptional fish and a few first prize places in the popular Whitby Charter Skippers Association Angling Festivals.
Sea Urchin III is a dedicated member of Whitby Charter Skippers Association and will be taking part in all the forthcoming angling festivals, with Pete hoping to see a first prize place go to one of his anglers in 2016 and make the boat’s first year in Whitby one to remember!