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Whitby Boat Fishing On Sea Urchin III

Sea Urchin III offers fantastic Whitby boat fishing all year round.

Sea Urchin Whitby
Through Spring Summer and Autumn we fish the ground & wrecks out of Whitby for cod, ling and pollock.
In Winter we offer uptiding trips for cod on the inshore grounds around Sandsend, Kettleness & Robin Hoods Bay
Book your Whitby Charter Skippers Association Festival dates early so you get the exact date and tide to suit your or your group.
Every year most anglers leave it to the last minute and struggle to get a good tide don’t let it be you this year.
Next years tide tables available via myself or you can see the next 28 days via the calendar on our availability page.

We generally sail at 7am prompt, so please be on the charter pontoon (opposite the Endeavour pub) for 6:30-6:45am.
If the Swing Bridge needs opening at 7am then we need to be through it. Late anglers can cost the whole party precious fishing time.
Getting into Whitby early also means you secure a good parking spot (its no fun walking up Whitby’s steep hills with a bag full of fish & lead), have a cracking breakfast at the excellent Singing Kettle (always full of skippers and excited anglers) and get any bait or last minute tackle at Whitby Angling Supplies on Church Street.
Winter uptiding trips see us leave port at around 7.30am and come back in for around 4-4.30pm, Spring-Autumn trips have us back at the pontoon for roughly 5pm where you can finish off your filleting (its best to gut at sea).

Many anglers enjoy a post-fishing pint and The Fleece, Endeavour and Middle Earth Tavern are all popular Church Street pubs where anglers can always be found discussing their day at sea over a cold beer.